What is Don Aire

Don Aire, Moments of Inspiration, is our line of natural fragrances and perfume for the environment. A division in which we have been working with maximum enthusiasm since opening in 1958.

Our constant search for the last note aromatizing makes DonAire a pioneering and prestigious brandin the ambience sector. A line completely dedicated to the world of scents, made on the basis of noble and natural materials to make a double action: to perfume and sanitize the environment.

All of our fragrances are manufactured with the utmost care and sensitivity, with full respect to the origin of the essences. In addition, all our Don Aireproducts follow a process of maceration, gaining all its aromatic characteristics in a slow and delicate elaboration, guaranteeing their maximum quality and persistence.

It is a line created for aromatizing and generate feelings of well-being in your business, home, trade, clinics, waiting rooms, nursing homes, daycare centers, shopping centers, cinemas, travel agencies, offices, restaurants, hotels and in all kinds of places or situations where a pleasant atmosphere is necessary.

All our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control in all its phases of production, from manufacturing to shipping, quality endorsed by the implementation in the company of the certifications of quality and environment under the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.