LEMON. Benefits and cosmetic properties.

Essential Oils

The essential oil of lemon (Citrus Limon) originated in Central Asia, north of the Himalayas, and is obtained from lemon. The Greeks and Romans brought the lemon traders from Persia to the West and today can be found throughout the Mediterranean area.

The essential oil of lemon is one of the essential oils rich in vitamins, especially since it contains vitamin C and vitamin A ( carotene ) and some vitamin B.


  • Its fresh and intense aroma helps enhance mood and increase the vitality.
  • This essential oil is one of the favourites for both men and women, as it gives off an aroma that stimulates all the senses.
  • Thanks to the lemon essential oil, you will increase concentration and clarify the mind, which is very necessary.

Cosmetic Properties:

  • Currently essential oil of lemon is used in the field of cosmetics to flavor any type of preparation; soaps, perfumes, eau de colognes, etc.
  • Provides an extraordinary antioxidant and antiradical activity thanks to the offering, it helps to preserve the skin and hair in good condition against oxidative processes.
  • This essential oil helps to prevent excessive proliferation of the cells present in the skin of the scalp, which is why it becomes a good cosmetic to treat dandruff.