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100% formulation and own manufacturing

Why join Don Aire?

DON AIRE, a leading brand in aromatization, is essentially inspiration, creativity and rigor at the service of the design and production of fragrances. Since 1958, we have been dedicating ourselves to the elaboration and formulation of aromas to create unique spaces. We seek excellence and quality in all stages of the relationships with our customers. Our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality aromas, using the best diffusion technology.

We offer the most exclusive and highest quality products that exist in the market.

We generate innovative aromas that, once transformed into fragrance, provide value and success to our customers efficiently and profitably.

We seek to achieve success through innovation thanks to the continuous improvement of our processes, training and motivation of our team, together with high quality standards.

All our fragrances are manufactured with the utmost care and delicacy respecting to the maximum the origin of each raw material and its elaboration. Our products are developed under the strictest quality control in all our production phases, from their manufacture to their dispatch, quality guaranteed by the implementation of certifications in the company, good manufacturing practices for quality cosmetic products and the environment under international standards: ISO 22716, ISO 9001 and ISO 140014.

We listen to our clients, we value and deepen the objectives they want to achieve. Their projects are ours.

Our values veer around enthusiasm, passion, perseverance, professionalism, creativity, responsibility and collaboration.

What do we offer?

Know How: We provide our know-how "What to do" and "How to do" always at the side of our customers to give them all the best possible support, technical level, marketing, service, ... we want to be your reliable and quality partner both nationally as well as internationally.

Development of Fragrances: We analyze the market. Our technical department is always looking for new and exclusive fragrances based on the olfactory tendencies of the market in order to ensure that the final product to which they are directed is unique, differentiated and of exquisite quality. We have a scent library with over 1,000 aromas.

We create fragrances continuously; our aromas menu is alive being creative in innovators. Systematically applying the selected fragrances to the base of the product to which they are directed, we analyze the behavior they have, we value their stability, we test them and evaluate them in order to always be able to propose to our customers winning fragrances.

Quality control: With a rigorous process of control, we analyze the raw materials taking into account their origin and origin. Likewise, all our productions are subjected to an exhaustive process of physical-chemical and organoleptic control. All this allows us to guarantee the correct state of 100% of our products.

We provide effective solutions in event aromatization, always looking for the best solution.

We offer continuous training, to ensure quality advice, treatment and service.

Our commitment: Quality, agility, rigor and flexibility are the main attributes that sustain our commitment to customers.



Limited Investment (with entry fee included), without any kind of royalties. It includes a complete starter kit, furniture, decoration and computer system.


Join a profitable short-term project with a return on investment in less than 2 years.


Specialists in aromatising, olfactory marketing and natural cosmetics (with more than 100 fragrances). Double marketing possibility: to the general public from the store itself, and to professional sectors with high demand for these products.


We belong, proudly, to a company with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, as well as the ISO 22176 certifications, which guarantees good practices in the manufacture of cosmetic products. 100% own planning and manufacturing.


Pioneers of aromas and cosmetics line adapted to the demands of our time: made with the most appropriate active principles and committed to the welfare of people.


We are part of a group with sales in the five continents and a complete network of distributors in good part of the most competitive markets in the world.


Partner with us and be a part of an expanding brand.

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