Mod. Ultrasonic Diffuser. Bamboo

Bamboo model is elegant and it has a refined minimalist appearance. Ideal for a Zen atmosphere. Available in 4 colours.

 Mod. Ultrasonic Diffuser. Bamboo

Ultrasonic Aromatic Diffuser. By means of ultrasonic vibrations, it completely breaks the fragrance or essential oils in millions of micro-particles through a cold mist, the scent stays constant and homogeneous. Due to its operation by means of ultrasound, the diffuser generates a significant flow of negatively charged oxygen atoms which humidify and purify the atmosphere.

You will enjoy a subtle atmosphere and a pleasant feeling of well-being, thanks to the therapeutic properties and active principles of essential oils, with relaxing, soothing and purifying virtues.

Fragrances for exclusive use in the ultrasonic diffusers.

BEFORE 64,99 €
32,50 € Tax included
26,86 € Tax excluded


TOTAL: 32,50 € Tax included


Change water in the tank frequently and clean the diffuser to prevent dirt and potential germs from affecting the integrity of the fragrance. Change the water with each new aroma.

Recommended dose

Add between 10 to 20 drops of fragrance or essential oil in the water tank.

Technical characteristics

  • Container capacity: 600ml.
  • Duration of container: high and continuous mist for 8 hours and low and continuous mist for 10 hours.
  • Spray volume setting.
  • Coverage: 30 m2.
  • It has 3 warm yellow LED lights.
  • Auto shut down system when the water finishes.
  • Water change Indicator.
  • Production of perfume to maintain humidity.
  • Removable water reservoir for easy draining and filling.
  • Low noise level: < 35dB (A).
  • Low energy consumption.

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