Custom Perfumes

A corporate aroma / odotype allows you to send a message and awake a good feeling in your customers. Linking the brand with the fragrance will reinforce the message you want to transmit.

We create the corporate aromas / odotypes, from a briefing prepared by the client where he explains the values of his brand, what audience he is targeting, and the sensations he wants to communicate: solvency, avant-garde, technology, security, efficiency, design, agility, versatility, professionalism, originality, commitment to workers, ecology… All these values can be transmitted by using aromas.

CUSTOM PRODUCTS made by Laboratorios Bilper Group

We manufacture different olfactory supports with our customer’s brand. We produce the fragrance and design the packaging (packaging, box, and label). Offering a customized product that manages to represent who you are, differentiate you from competitors, help you to achieve your authenticity, and support the brand by generating an additional income through customer and employee reinforced loyalty.

  • Hotel Echaurren

    The base notes offered manifest in all its splendor the citrus, mixed with amber and the captivating notes of noble woods. Its floral heart melts with a light touch of labdamum and the sweetness of the vanilla that captivates you.

  • Lovat & Green

    We present a refreshing haze of body and textile. Its revitalizing citrus base is harmonized with the warmth of the green and woody notes of the background. It combines the freshness of the orange with the vitality and warmth of the cedar. It transmits, freshness, well-being and comfort.

  • Merz y Academia

    It is a green fragrance of fig leaves with wood notes and a floral touch. The fruity note predomiantes in the entire fragrance, being able to transmit well-being, harmony and transparency. The Woody notes emanated by the fragrance provide leadership and professionalism mixing with the floral touch that brings commitment and detail.

  • Optimism

    We present a dynamic, fresh and timeless fragrance. An exquisite balance between freshness, dynamism and personality. Its pineapple, tangerine and cardamom base bring vitality. It melts into a floral heart of violet, roses and jasmine and ends in a background of moss, musk and oak. Warm, modern and avant-garde fragrance.

  • Cáliz de Leon

    Warm fragrance, full of energy and vitality. The base notes offered, manifest in all its splendor amber and a touch of incense. Then, the captivating notes of the noble woods that reveal a wake reminiscent of olive wood are revealed. Finally, a light touch of labdanum and the sweetness of vanilla will captivate you.

  • Missbaby

    We present a floral, fresh and sweet fragrance. Her tender heart with white lilac flowers surrounds you with sweetness and softness.

  • Real Valladolid

    Fragrance that start with sparkling fruit, citrus and watery notes that give way to an incredible heart of lavender, with transparent floral brushstrokes. A trail of amber, cedar and moss, wraps the personality fragrance.

  • Huellas Teresa de Jesus

    We present a fragrance full of life, strength and energy. Its notes evolve towards citrus fruits mixed with a trail of white musks, which give passion and commitment. The fragrance evolves towards a sweet heart around the muguet and the petigraim acquiring woody connotations that mark the strength and humanism. A magnificent warm background gives color to the aromatic woods of cedar and white musks envelop the fragrance of warmth.

  • Adarsa

    Fresh and energizing fragrances that start with a wrapping ozonic marine note, along with nuances of white flower and thrush. The heart is composed of a daring citrus touch powder, with trails of green notes, to finish in a sophisticated Iris and musk top.

  • Solera

    We present two colognes; male and female both fragrances are constituted by similar notes, but at the same time have different souls. They are fragrances with citrus and watery notes that contain aromatic nuances, mannered and ambrated, to merge into a fruity heart, full of energy. A musky and menthol-like top provides them with the touch of vitality necessary to not be able to resist putting.

  • Veritas

    Glamorous fragrance, which starts with floral notes around the delicate petals of jasmine and neroli. In its delicate heart, we find fruity touches that end in a honey top, evoking a woman with strength and personality.

  • Malaga F.C.

    Refreshing fragrance that contains in its creation a mixture of floral notes of magnolias and freesias. The heart is formed by a mixture of white and violet flowers along with a flash of oriental woods, which give rise to a very attractive top of amber notes.

  • Oro Bilbao

    Soft fragrance, where amber notes are combined cautiously with the cedar, to melt into a heart full of seductive notes coming from the noble woods, with the sophistication of the lavender flower. The fund is composed of a gourmand touch, which leaves unparalleled sweet sparkles.

  • Senra

    Fragrance that evokes the freshness of spring, composed by woody notes and spiced with vetiver and Peruvian cedar, to melt into a heart of white musk and muguet. A seabed brings a contemporary and independent character to the fragrance.

  • Oh La La

    Fresh fragrance with a unisex touch, which starts with Italian bergamot start notes, lime and tangerine, to wrap yourself in a floral heart of valley lilies, jasmine Sambac and iris. A background amber next to a select selection of noble woods and oaks’ moss, give life to this select fragrance.

  • Neutral Air

    After a powdery floral base of white lilies, the fragrance reveals an elegant mannered heart of Morocco cedar. An elaborated and sensual background of amber and musk, bringing warmth and complete the fragrance to perfection.

CORPORATE AROMAS created by Laboratorios Bilper Group

It is called corporate aroma or odotype to the action of developing and creating a unique and exclusive fragrance that evokes the personality and values associated with the brand.

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We create custom perfumes tailored to your business. Can we design your corporate aroma, so you can give a perfume company with its own isotype.

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