DON AIRE MATIC Load Dispenser

 DON AIRE MATIC Load Dispenser

Maximum coverage: 30 m2

Aromatization is becoming increasingly important and brings greater added value in all areas and sectors. The scents are capable of creating unique and comfortable environments, increasing the satisfaction of visitors, consumers and staff employee.

Automatic Aromatization System.

DON AIRE MATIC® is an automatic environmental, high-performance programmable aromatization system. With this system we seek to adapt to the needs of customers by providing comfort and profitability.

It is ideal to keep spaces constantly perfumed and deodorized at a low cost.

It stands out for being an economic and easy positioning system. Its lightweight design and its modern aesthetics make it ideal for any stay or business.

The Don Air Matic concentrated refills dispenses constant and uniform mists with natural essences of a concentration three times higher than a conventional aerosol. A single spray covers 25 square meters and the aroma will last until the next dosage.

49,15 € Tax included
40,62 € Tax excluded

TOTAL: 49,15 € Tax included

Technical Characteristics
  • Programmer is available during operating hours and week days.
  • Selector Function: day and night.
  • Interval between downloads from 1 to 60 minutes.
  • Test button.
  • Security lock with key.
  • Maximum Coverage 30m2.
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries.


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